Area Code 234

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234 is the area code for northeast Ohio, including Akron, Canton, and Youngstown. It is overlaid with area code 330 making 10-digit dialing mandatory since 2000.
Area Code : 234
State : Ohio
Timezoon : Eastern
Major City : Akron
Main Cities on 234
Akron, OH ; Alliance, OH ; Austintown, OH ; Barberton, OH ; Boardman, OH ; Brunswick, OH ; Canton, OH ; Cuyahoga Falls, OH ; Green, OH ; Hudson, OH ; Kent, OH ; Massillon, OH ; Medina, OH ; Niles, OH ; Stow, OH ; Warren, OH ; Wooster, OH ; Youngstown, OH

Area Code Directory :

Area Code 234 Prefixes

PrefixLinksPrimary CityService ProviderLine Type
916(234) 916-ABCD Wooster, OHSuper-netUnknown
855(234) 855-ABCD Youngstown, OHSprint Communications Company, L.p.Unknown
800(234) 800-ABCD Clinton, OHCellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessUnknown
788(234) 788-ABCD Akron, OHCellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessUnknown
759(234) 759-ABCD North Lima, OHT-mobile UsaCell Number
755(234) 755-ABCD Mantua, OHSbc Internet ServicesUnknown
752(234) 752-ABCD Malvern, ClecUnknown
742(234) 742-ABCD Wooster, OHSprint Communications Company, L.p.Unknown
738(234) 738-ABCD Akron, ClecUnknown
736(234) 736-ABCD East Liverpool, OHAT&T LocalLandline
678(234) 678-ABCD Akron, OHSprint Communications Company, L.p.Unknown
657(234) 657-ABCD Big Prairie, OHSprint Communications Company, L.p.Unknown
650(234) 650-ABCD Massillon, OHT-mobile UsaCell Number
635(234) 635-ABCD Killbuck, OHSprint Communications Company, L.p.Unknown
600(234) 600-ABCD Warren, OHCellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessUnknown
595(234) 595-ABCD Glenmont, OHSprint Communications Company, L.p.Unknown
567(234) 567-ABCD Salem, OHSprint Communications Company, L.p.Unknown
564(234) 564-ABCD Salem, OHNew Cingular Wireless PCS - ILUnknown
562(234) 562-ABCD North Benton, OHArmstrong TelecommunicationsUnknown
542(234) 542-ABCD Akron, OHLevel 3 CommunicationsLandline
525(234) 525-ABCD Akron, OHYmax Communications Corp.Unknown
522(234) 522-ABCD N Canton, OHCellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessUnknown
521(234) 521-ABCD Canton, OHT-mobile UsaUnknown
517(234) 517-ABCD East Liverpool, OHNew Cingular Wireless PCS - ILCell Number
500(234) 500-ABCD Cortland, OHCellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessUnknown
475(234) 475-ABCD Akron, OHAmeritech OhioUnknown
466(234) 466-ABCD Montrose, OHAT&T LocalLandline
437(234) 437-ABCD Wooster, OHSprint Communications Company, L.p.Unknown
429(234) 429-ABCD Wooster, OHSuper-netUnknown
421(234) 421-ABCD Girard, OHAT&T LocalLandline
414(234) 414-ABCD Youngstown, OHSbc Internet ServicesUnknown
400(234) 400-ABCD Richfield, OHCellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessUnknown
386(234) 386-ABCD Magnolia, OHSbc Internet ServicesUnknown
380(234) 380-ABCD Hudson, OHT-mobile UsaCell Number
375(234) 375-ABCD Unknown
369(234) 369-ABCD Clinton, OHT-mobile UsaCell Number
352(234) 352-ABCD Akron, OHMcleodusa Telecommunications Services- OhUnknown
348(234) 348-ABCD Massillon, OHTeleport Communications GroupUnknown
323(234) 323-ABCD Wooster, OHSuper-netUnknown
310(234) 310-ABCD Akron, OHAT&T LocalLandline
300(234) 300-ABCD N Canton, OHCellco Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessUnknown
294(234) 294-ABCD Uniontown, OHT-mobile UsaCell Number
284(234) 284-ABCD Hudson, OHWindstream Western ReserveUnknown
265(234) 265-ABCD Salineville, OHSbc Internet ServicesUnknown
255(234) 255-ABCD Unknown
249(234) 249-ABCD Wooster, OHSuper-netUnknown
248(234) 248-ABCD Akron, OHT-mobile UsaCell Number
244(234) 244-ABCD Cortland, OHT-mobile UsaCell Number
227(234) 227-ABCD Wooster, OHSuper-netUnknown
222(234) 222-ABCD ClecUnknown
221(234) 221-ABCD Massillon, OHSuper-netUnknown
220(234) 220-ABCD Warren, OHTeleport Communications GroupUnknown
207(234) 207-ABCD Canton, OHNew Cingular Wireless PCS - ILUnknown
206(234) 206-ABCD Akron, OHInfotelecomUnknown
201(234) 201-ABCD Youngstown, OHHalo Wireless, IncUnknown
200(234) 200-ABCD Akron, OHHalo Wireless, IncUnknown